Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar (JFX)

The Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar is Maryland’s largest producers-only market, where shoppers can revel at the sight of a vast quantity of foods, including crisp fruits and vegetables, poultry, seafood, beef, pork, lamb, bison, goat, rabbit, fresh-baked goods, flavorful herbs and organically raised and produced milk, yogurt, butter, eggs and cheese products.  Additionally, dozens of food vendors add spice to the market with multicultural cuisine such as popular pit beef sandwiches, omelets and breakfast burritos, crepes, wood fired pizzas, pies and quiches, soups, noodles and dumplings.  Vegan items are sold as well.

The bazaar offers shoppers a variety of unique crafts and collectibles including jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, clothing, rugs, pottery and wooden items, stained glass and photographs.

The market is open on Sunday mornings on at the intersection of Saratoga and Holliday Streets under the JFX until noon.

For more information on the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar, please visit their website:

In the 2013 season, the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar  will accept SNAP for the first time as well as incentives through the Baltimore Bucks program.

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