Eat Fresh Maryland 2013 Partnership Agreement

As the network has grown from the pilot stage to a thriving and expanding group of interested markets, we have found the need exists to establish some structure around Network partnerships.

The organizational tools that we have opted to put into use – partnership agreements, a Google Group list-serv, and other items as appropriate – are in no way intended to exclude any participation, but rather are a means for us to better track progress and information.

We are optimistic that these tools will better help us respond to the needs of network members, report back to the community at large, and reveal key data to potential future funders.

So we have asked that all interested Eat Fresh Maryland Network partners complete and return this Eat Fresh Maryland 2013 Partnership Agreement to affirm their commitment to the network and desire to make this effort successful.

1 Response to Eat Fresh Maryland 2013 Partnership Agreement

  1. I heard about this on wjz ch13 last night and I think it’s great to have this program. I want to have Howard County Farmer’s Markets included in Columbia, MD and other areas in the county.

    Thank you,

    Mereilee Marsh

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