Farmers markets nationwide are navigating ways to increase accessibility to low-income shoppers. Yet limited time and resources often require market managers to put these critical and complicated issues on the back-burner.

Recognizing the need for support and TA for market managers, Crossroads Community Food Network launched “Eat Fresh Maryland” in November 2010. This groundbreaking partnership of more than twenty farmers markets, non-profits, and government agencies is the first statewide effort to expand federal nutrition benefits redemption at farmers markets. Data from Eat Fresh Maryland’s pilot season shows that activities have led to increased food access for low-income Maryland residents and revenue for local farmers, and fostered development of best practices amongst farmers market managers.

Our goals are to:

  • Expand food access for low-income Maryland residents
  • Increase revenue for local farmers
  • Foster development of best practices and amongst farmers market managers

We look forward to continuing this important work in 2012 and beyond, and invite you to participate through our events, by contacting us directly, or by commenting on our posts.  Get involved in making local food accessible to all!

FutureHarvest CASA

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