State Center Farmers Market launches SNAP today

The State Center Farmers Market, located at 201 W. Preston Street in Baltimore – in the heart of the Maryland state office building complex – is launching their token program today.  Open from 10am – 2pm, there will be a variety of items available for purchase from local farmers and producers.

The market will accept SNAP, credit & debit cards through a token system similar to those that have been implemented throughout the state.  There will also be an incentive program that provides up to $5 in matching Baltimore Bucks.

Baltimore Bucks is a matching “incentive” for shoppers spending EBT/SNAP or WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks (FVC) at participating farmers’ markets.  By offering this match, Baltimore Bucks draw new low-income shoppers to partner markets, stretch their food budgets to afford more healthy items, and encourage vendors to sell at farmers’ markets serving low and moderate income households.  Maryland Hunger Solutions has grown the network of partner farmers markets and the scope from 3 to 11 markets since its launch in 2010, thanks to incredible partnerships with Crossroads and others.

At market, shoppers get a match of up to $5 in paper Baltimore Bucks vouchers when they use their EBT or WIC Fruit and Vegetable checks at market, shoppers spend these with market vendors for approved items, and vendors turn in the paper vouchers for a reimbursement with their EBT and debit tokens at the end of the market day.

So get to market today and support a great program while you are getting your fresh vegetables, fruits, and delicious local food.

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