Eat Fresh letter to USDA: your sign-on requested!

Happy Farmers Market Week!

Many of you have likely seen the recommendations that our colleagues at the Farmers Market Coalition recently submitted to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service regarding the recent allocation of $4 million for new EBT programs at farmers markets nationwide. Eat Fresh Maryland is working closely with our partners at Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA), Department of Human Resources (DHMH), and Maryland Hunger Solutions to oversee the distribution of $68,000 of those funds earmarked for Maryland— and we’re thrilled that many of you will be implementing EBT as a result. Evidently, great minds think alike; the issues highlighted by FMC echo the primary challenges that we’ve been experiencing, and we had intended to draft a similar letter before FMC’s was released.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re using this Farmers Market Week as an opportunity to support and augment FMC’s letter, with particular focus on Maryland.  Please review and consider signing onto this EFM Letter to USDA to strengthen our shared message to USDA FNS.

Simply email the name of your organization/market/agency in support by COB Monday, August 13.

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