Reimbursement for Farmers Market SNAP Costs – Phase 1

As we have shared here before, USDA has provided an unprecedented opportunity for farmers markets to cover some of the costs associated with getting SNAP; specifically those costs that relate to wireless equipment and fees.

MDA and DHR have finally worked out some of the operational details, and have this information to share:

  • markets can be reimbursed for: wireless point-of-sale equipment, installation, and wireless access service (can be submitted for each month since these were incurred)
  • markets that received SNAP authorization after November 18, 2011 and established SNAP programs will be considered Phase 1
  • in order to apply for reimbursement, the following must be submitted:
    1. this Claim for Reimbursement form
    2. receipt(s) for the equipment and/or service(s) being submitted
    3. grant agreement with DHR, which will be forthcoming [and updated here once available]
  • Phase 2 will be markets that have never purchase or leased wireless equipment.  We are still awaiting clarification on next steps for these markets.
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