MDHS Toolkit – SNAP Outreach Overview

Another area in the suite of materials developed by Maryland Hunger Solutions has to do with SNAP outreach in your community.  Even though Maryland is one of the wealthiest states in the country, one in 10 households still struggle with hunger and food insecurity.  Many of these families may be eligible for SNAP but yet have not enrolled in the program.

This is where SNAP outreach can play a role in your community – helping to educate and enroll these potential SNAP participants who might also be current or new customers at your market.

SNAP outreach can take four forms:

  1. Education about the SNAP program
  2. Pre-screening customers for SNAP eligibility
  3. Assisting customers with filling out a SNAP application (either paper or online)
  4. Conducting follow-up to answer questions and trouble-shoot

If you’re interested in working SNAP outreach into your market this year, first develop a plan for what makes the most sense for your market – whether it’s putting out a flier, partnering with a community group, or having an outreach worker come to your market for a couple of days.   If you would like help figuring out this piece of your market promotions, email us and we can help.

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