MDHS Conference Call – How to Join the Food Supplement Program State Outreach today at 10am

Is your nonprofit interested in or currently engaged in Food Stamp outreach?  Joining the Maryland Food Supplement Program State Outreach Plan could allow your organization to receive federal reimbursement for staff time and marketing activities related to these efforts.

Click here to register<…>.

On the conference call you’ll learn:

*   examples of successful Food Supplement Program outreach;
*   the process for applying for funding to reimburse outreach through the Maryland State Outreach Plan;
*   tips for submitting a successful outreach proposal;
*   how to locate resources including application templates, outreach materials.

Experts on the call will include:

*   Deborah Weathers, Maryland DHR, Family Investment Administration
*   Alexis Lomez, USDA, Food and Nutrition Services
*   Jean Henningsen, Seedco
*   Michele Levy, Crossroads Community Food Network
*   Lily Echeverria, Spanish Catholic Center

Questions? Contact Laura Flamm: or (410) 528-0021 ext. 23.

Follow this link to more information<…> (pdf) about Food Supplement Program outreach and applying for the State Outreach Plan.

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