EFM Workshop #2 Details

Please join us at the Heffner Community Center in Takoma Park on Wednesday, April 4 from noon-4:30pm for our second 2012 Eat Fresh Maryland workshop. Thanks to great input from those who completed our survey after the first workshop, we’re excited to offer this half-day forum for collaboration amongst network partners.

Highlights to include:
– Marketing and outreach to federal nutrition benefits clients: best practices, tips, and tools
– Small group breakout sessions on: funding your EBT/incentive program, getting farmer buy-in, SNAP outreach, and more
– Separate discussion groups for idea and resource sharing amongst new and experienced market managers
– Introduction to market-based healthy eating curriculum
– Optional post-workshop networking happy hour!

And here is the full agenda: EFM Takoma Park Workshop #2 Agenda (4-4-12).

RSVP requested by 3/28 to crossroadsmarket@gmail.com.

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3 Responses to EFM Workshop #2 Details

  1. Stephen M. Whelan says:

    I received your card mail flyer for this new program and was very excited because I spend more of my SNAP benefits for fresh produce than anything else for the purpose of healthy eating. I came to this website and found it VERY USER UNFRIENDLY. Having been a web design student, the one rule of thumb was “if it takes longer than 10 seconds to find what you are looking for, then the site navigation needs to be reconsidered.” Needless to say, I spent much more than that and am writing this because I am very interested in the program or I would have simply moved on. One would think that the main information on the site or even the navigational site map would be a link for: ” find a market near me”…..I entered Harford County in your search box with zero hits, tried the zip…same thing, and of course tried “find markets” with same results. The mail flyer does not list anything in Harford County but says to check back soon because the program is growing so I did but the site seems to have everything under the sun but information pertinent to the main event: find a market near me! Perhaps you could send out a flyer with instructions on how to navigate the website ;~) Now I am a college degree individual….so I can only think how intense the frustration must be for many others out there in the SNAP program that may be interested in this excellent idea. Please advise.
    P.S. Are you guys hiring? My degree is in IT with many years of accounting and business management. ;~)

    • amy says:

      We are in the process of re-designing our website and hope to have the new one up within the next few weeks. In the meantime this site is intended to provide general program information; however thank you for the feedback and for letting us know what you were looking for on the site.

      You can find a full list of SNAP- authorized markets as well as search them by county by going to Maryland’s Best. Under the “Find Me Local” tab select Harford from the County section and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from the Category section to find a list of markets in Harford County that accept SNAP. This directory is currently being updated for the 2012 season and will have current market dates by April 1st.

      Lastly, we are not hiring at this point in time.

      • Stephen M. Whelan says:

        Thank you very much for the response and information. The link was very helpful and just what I was looking for on this site. I will check back at this site at a later date for your updates.
        Thanks again.

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